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A Necessary Pause From Conditioning

July 31, 2013

passwordstrength_slaneconzToday and tomorrow I am in Kuwait for a meeting, so Jasper and Nacho get to enjoy the company of the dog sitter instead of me. I hope they’re ok…all three of them.

I had one of those odd pangs of insecurity today when the dog sitter sent me a text asking for the wireless password for the house so that he could use the internet while he’s dog sitting. Passwords creep me out they’re so incredibly nonsensical. You go through all the agonization of picking one that’s both memorable and gives you a green light for password strength on all the services, then when somebody needs to use your stuff you just give it away. It doesn’t matter how strong the damned thing is if you give it away!

Of course I could have set up another temporary one for this guy, but I was at the gate getting on my plane. I had to give away my Apple ID a couple of months ago so that we could set up a bunch of iPads we were giving away as corporate gifts. They all needed loading with a bunch of content via DropBox, so needed to add the App. The other guy helping had no Apple ID, so it was all me. I changed it immediately after we’d finished, of course, but then I was totally paranoid for a month afterwards wondering whether somehow somebody was stealing money off my credit card.

You see?? Cyber crime my arse! People steal things by stealing things, not by being a super black-hat mega-hacker.

Interestingly Ramadan doesn’t exist up in the sky – actually, it doesn’t exist in the airport either – and from what I saw in both the terminal and up in the air, there are plenty of Muslims who feel the same way.


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