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The Art of Not Getting Things Done

July 31, 2013

too-much-workSome people might say that I’m really smart, but it seems to me that I’m actually a complete idiot.

If I really was as clever as people seem to think, I wouldn’t keep managing to create more work for myself. Some day, I will have done enough, but not today.

The trip to Kuwait went as well as it could have done, and I think I got my point across, but the end result is that I now have to do a whole bunch more work. Somehow I did not foresee that outcome – or maybe I did, but it remained subliminal…

At the moment I seem to be having very strange days. Each one certainly has some extremely positive points to it, and great foundations seem to be getting themselves laid for the future, but the present is just looking awfully busy.

The summer is passing quite quickly, and the temperatures aren’t getting so ridiculous as usual. Kuwait is a much hotter place than Dubai, and I have to admit it was pretty toasty up there. The wind was gusting, and you get this weird feeling when that happens, like you’re getting blasted with hot air followed by little jets of cold air. The “cold air” isn’t really cold, it’s just that the crazy hot air stops for a second, which gives the impression of coldness, even though it’s still well over 40 degrees.

Temperatures North of 60 Celsius are not unheard of in Kuwait. Ouchy!

I have a lot to get done before the end of the summer. One of my challenges right now is to find a spectrum analyzer with a detection range up to 18GHz that I can integrate with. I saw these and even nicer again I say these, but they’re pricey. I did find another that was ok, but only works up to 9.4GHz which is a little lower than the client is expecting. Personally I don’t think the 9.4 to 18GHz band is really of any interest to them, but you know what clients are like.

Today my time in the office was broken down into little two minute segments of work interspersed with much longer periods of interruption. I’m looking at my to-do list now and thinking like a lot of it looks like work for the weekend. Sigh


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